The Ivorian artist creates works from used mobile phones found in the streets of Abidjan.

Laurent Filippi Editing Africa France Televisions Updated on 06/02/2019 | 4:12 PM published on 02/06/2019 | 4:12 p.m.

Electronic waste can be added to the long list of problems facing the African continent. But in the hands of Mounou Désiré Koffi, a young 25 years old Ivorian artist, they transform into figurative works of art of great beauty.

Mounou Désiré Koffi, nicknamed « Painter Mounou », wants to participate in his own way in the fight for the protection of the environment and give a positive and constructive image of Africa. For this, he combed the streets of Koumassi, a working-class district of Abidjan, where he recovers old, obsolete cell phones from recycling centers, for around 70 cents a piece.



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